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lotus1         Introductory yoga classes with plenty of personal attention are offered on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays in a beautiful space.   Scroll down for the time and location.

Changes to the normal class schedule are given here for your convenience.   No class on Thursday, the 16th. Thank you for visiting my websites~

My intention is to love and serve God, and to magnify health on all levels of being–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, through yoga, energy-body work and essential oils.  



Yoga class-cards for sale : )

               Give yourself the gift of wellness!  Commit to a healthy routine by purchasing a yoga class card.  By purchasing a card, not only will you be saving money, you will be motivating yourself to come to yoga class regularly.  In turn, coming to yoga class regularly will give you the results you want–ease in your body and peace of mind.     

               When you purchase a 10-class yoga card for $80, you save $20.  It’s like getting 2 free classes!  You also have 12 weeks in which to use the card.  The expiration date will be written on the card.  My intention is for you to take full advantage of your card and not miss out on a single class. rose 

                The 10-class yoga card applies to yoga classes offered at the Meditation Center adjacent to Unity’s Holistic Healing Center.  There are other specials that apply to the yoga classes at Star Moon Studio.  Consult the “Specials” page on the following website:  

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Contact:  Tahira  434-296-0064  heart emoticon    (This is a landline number, so please call rather than text.  I can’t receive a text.)   The number of students is limited so that your experience is expansive and relaxing.   Call ahead (or e-mail) to reserve your spot…    Parking is plentiful : )

Star Moon Studio

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So, you want to do yoga?   First of all, know that all yoga is good.  The question then becomes, what kind of yoga do you want to do and why?  If you want to sweat and get a “really hard workout,” or push yourself to your physical limit, then Svaroopa® yoga is not the yoga for you.  If, instead, you want to quiet your mind, relax your body, and have an experience that is beyond happiness–all with minimal effort, then Svaroopa® yoga is be the yoga for you!

Svaroopa® yoga is deceptively easy and amazingly powerful.  If you think that you’re not flexible enough to do yoga, try Svaroopa® yoga.  It will change your mind.  In Svaroopa® yoga–with “svaroopa” (pronounced “svah-roo-pah”) translating loosely to “your own form,” the emphasis is on releasing core tensions to decompress your spine. It’s an awareness practice involving poses that will open you up physically, emotionally, and more.  The poses are easy to do and yet super effective.  That’s one of the wonders of Svaroopa® yoga.  It requires very little effort but offers tremendous results.  It all this sounds too good to be true, try an introductory yoga class with Tahira!  Come discover the bliss of your own true Self.

                            Yoga for women

                           Safe and Effective

                         Gentle yet Profound

                       Meditative and Blissful


Introductory classes,

including the “Magic Four,”

  are offered on Sundays, Mondays and

Thursdays from 4-5-ish p.m.


  Meditation Center

at Unity

  2823 Hydraulic Circle

      Charlottesville, VA 

(The number of  students is limited to guarantee an optimal, expansive experience.    This applies both to the introductory classes at Unity, as well as to the Continuing and Deeper classes offered at Star Moon Studio in Charlottesville, VA )  Please also consult


Svaroopa® yoga classes typically start with Shavasana, yoga’s relaxation pose, pictured below.

shavasana shoulder slip adjustment

In this picture, the student is being given an adjustment to make her more comfortable in the pose.  Shavasana is then followed by Ujjayi Pranayama, a special breathing practice that is sometimes called “Ocean Sounding Breath.”  When doing this breathing practice, one’s breath sounds like waves lapping across a sandy beach.  It’s a peaceful, healing practice.

After Shavasana and Ujjayi Pranayama, there will usually be a “marker pose” that is done both at the beginning of the class and towards the end of class.  The purpose of the marker pose is to give the student the opportunity to compare her now very different experience of the pose and to savor the spinal release that’s occurred during class.

Svaroopa® yoga classes are meticulously sequenced and alignments are made so that students can maximize the spinal release potential of the poses.  The release starts at the tailbone and moves up the spine.

Classes end as they begin, in Shavasana with a guided awareness.  This final relaxation pose helps the student to integrate the changes that have taken place in the class and that will continue to unfold…

Enjoy some pictures of happy yoga students : )

Alternate Leg


Seated Side Stretch.

                                               JP young person

(photos courtesy of Svaroopa® vidya ashram   SVA)

Svaroopa® is not about getting better at the poses.  Rather, it is about experiencing the bliss of your own Self.  In the words of Swami Nirmalananda, Svaroopa® yoga’s founder:  “The purpose of Svaroopa® yoga is: cultivating our innate yearning for transcendence, creating personal experiences of the inner truth, discovering this as a continuing experience in our lives, applying this in the development of conscious community, and offering our service to support and uplift humanity.”

Swami Nirmalananda goes on to give the following interpretation of Yoga Sutra 1:14:   “Patanjali describes three qualities of a committed yoga practitioner: doing it consistently, continuing over the long haul, and doing it because you love it.”  Swami Nirmalananda then asks, “Why do you do yoga?”

Here’s my own answer:  Truthfully, I cannot imagine a day without my yoga practice. Even when I’ve had a good practice, the thought crosses my mind that I could do more…

“Do more yoga.” This is Swami Nirmalananda’s constant advice for those of us in the Svaroopa® yoga tradition. I feel that I have deeply imbibed this teaching.

Why do I do yoga?  I do yoga because I love it; I love it because it nourishes me on all levels of my being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

On the physical level, yoga grounds me. It also regulates my temperature so that I no longer have perpetually cold feet and hands. It also helps me to feel more comfortable in my body. This is a tremendous blessing!

On the emotional level, yoga stabilizes me. I’m no longer on the roller coaster of feelings and reactions, on which I was once seemingly trapped.

On the mental level, it quiets my mind and clarifies my thinking. At least now I am aware when my thoughts seem to multiply and scatter or repeat themselves annoyingly and unproductively. Awareness truly is the first step.

On the spiritual level, yoga connects me–to my Self, my community(/ies), and to the Supreme Power of the Universe.

Why do YOU do yoga? If you don’t, why don’t you?  Start now : )

Tahira of Star Moon Studio    

1-434-296-0064   (This is a landline number.  Please don’t send a text.  Thank you : )     heart emoticon      or

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